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A taste of Sardinia – 10 local specialities

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Sardinia is not only beautiful countryside and crystal clear sea, but also a cocktail of refined tastes and aromas. It offers a wealth of culinary specialities and its cuisine uses simple natural ingredients. Below is a list of 10 specialities which you absolutely must try if you find yourself in the Gallura region:

  1. “Puligioni” – Sweet pasta pockets stuffed with cheese flavoured with cinnamon, served with a sauce of peeled tomatoes.
  2. “Ciggioni” – or Sardinian gnocchetti – a local type of home-made pasta served with a sauce of peeled tomatoes and Sardinian sausage
  3. “Suppa Cuata” – Zuppa gallurese – This is also called the food of the poor thanks to the simplicity of the ingredients used. It is made from bread dipped in mutton stock and baked with pecorino sheep’s cheese
  4. “Culorgiones o Malloreddus” – typical home-made pasta from the Gallura region
  5. “Pulcheddu sardo” – Porcetto sardo – Sardinian piglet roasted in the oven with sprigs of wild myrtle.
  6. “Agnello con carciofi ed olive” Lamb with artichokes and olives roasted in the oven
  7. “Aragosta alla catalana” – Catalan style lobster is a speciality prepared in particular in Alghero which was held under Spanish rule for many years. The boiled lobster is flavoured with raw onion, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.
  8. “Formaggio pecorino sardo” mature “pecorino” Sardinian sheep’s cheese accompanied by superb Cannonau, Monica and Carignano red wines.
  9. “Miele sardo” Honey from Sardinia is prized the world over. Try some eucalyptus honey, which has a slightly bitter flavour.
  10. “Mirto” – treat yourself to the local digestive liqueur Mirto which is produced from myrtle berries

    Buon appetito! Enjoy your meal!
    (author: Tereza Vacovska)