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Nature and Landscapes

Sardinia is one of the oldest geological regions in Europe, boasting a history dating back further than 570 million years. The landscape in the Gallura region is very diverse and offers a wealth of flora and fauna. You will find here rugged coastlines, crystal clear water with fine white sand, deserted coves, hills and mountains covered in granite crags and rare Mediterranean macchia (oaks, juniper, mastic, broom, laurel, oleander, cork oaks, rosemary and myrtle bushes).

Mount Limbara

The highest mountain in northern Sardinia and the third highest in Sardinia (Monte Limbara, 1359 m above sea level) is only 30 minutes’ drive from Isola Rossa. A panoramic view will open up for you from the Punta Balistreri lookout point over the whole of the Gallura and Luogosardo region. The Monte Limbara region is popular among hikers, fans of trekking and mountain climbing.

Valle della luna

On the way here, don’t forget to stop off in the place known as Valle della Luna (Lunar Landscape) full of huge smoothed granite boulders, craggy stones and cork oaks.

Mount Tinnari

A beautiful nature excursion not to be missed is the hike to Monte Tinnari (214 m) and its enchanting beach formed of red and grey trachyte pebbles and reachable only by foot (1.5 hour walk from Isola Rossa or 15 minutes by car and then 30 minutes on foot) or by sea in a dinghy. A lonely and wild natural paradise awaits you, offering tranquillity and peace, red granite boulders, vast vegetation and clear, emerald water. Stop for a moment and breathe in the Sardinian air with its scent of wild herbs.

Capo Testa (Santa Teresa Gallura)

Nature lovers should not miss Capo Testa, a peninsula near Santa Teresa di Gallura, an incredibly fascinating and unique site. The grandiose granite rocks shaped over millions of years by the wind and the sea overlook the Bocche di Bonifacio sea.