10 tips for a romantic holiday

Would you like to spend a holiday full of emotions, relaxation and to experience moments which will remain in your heart forever? Are you looking for the perfect location for the holiday of your dreams with your partner? Below is a list of the ten most romantic things which you absolutely must experience at least once while holidaying in Isola Rossa.

  1. Enjoy an aperitif in one of the local bars while the sun lays itself down to sleep over the red granite island. Sunsets over Isola Rossa are magical and unforgettable.
  2. Set out under a full moon to visit the cliffs and the old Spanish tower, listen to the roar of the waves and watch the stars.
  3. Rent a motor boat and set out to have a swim in one of the many deserted coves between Isola Rossa and Costa Paradiso.
  4. Take part in local festivals which are frequently held by the surrounding villages and allow yourself to be carried away on a wave of traditional Sardinian music and dance.
  5. Go and have dinner at one of the “agriturismo” in the Gallura region (= a restaurant where they cook using only home-made ingredients) and try the renowned “pulcheddu sardu” (Sardinian piglet), culorgiones o malloreddus (typical local pasta), seadas (sweet fried pocket of puff pastry stuffed with cheese and topped with honey), delicious wines and myrtle liqueur.
  6. Get up at sunrise and reward yourself with a walk or run along the beautiful natural paths which lead from Hotel Torreruja all the way to La Marinedda beach or to Cala Rossa cove.
  7. Allow yourself to be pampered in the Casteldoria thermal spas which are surrounded by wonderful countryside.
  8. Take a trip to the area known as Valle della Luna (“Valley of the Moon”) and feast your eyes on the view over the majestic granite crags which have been sculpted over the millennia by the wind.
  9. Try the delicious “Tajanu” red wine from the vineyards in Badesi.
  10. There are many other tips for spending a romantic holiday, but the most important thing is to have the right person by your side…

(author: Tereza & Michele, we tried out every point on this list in person and it is guaranteed to work)

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