Thanks to the rugged 1,897 km of coastline, Sardinia is one of the Italian regions with the greatest number of beaches, coves and bays. Sardinia will certainly satisfy everybody. You will find beaches here with fine white, pink and red sand, hidden romantic coves, beaches with sand dunes, pebbled beaches and wild crags sloping down to the sea. All of them are beautiful and unique and are able to enchant even those who are at home in Sardinia every time they see them.

Below is a selection of the most beautiful beaches which you can visit during your holiday in Isola Rossa:

Longa beach – Isola Rossa (0 km)
A beautiful beach with fine white sand and crystal clear water located right in the Isola Rossa resort, a stone’s throw from the apartments. Ideal for families with children thanks to the gentle incline into the water. The beach is open to the public. A small part of the beach is equipped with loungers and sunshades which can be rented. You will find a scuba diving centre here, canoe and pedalo rental as well as motor boat and water scooter rental.

Li Femini beach – Isola Rossa (0 km)
The smaller Li Femini beach is located next to the tourist port in Isola Rossa and is in particular popular among families with small children thanks to the gentle incline into the water. Only women were allowed to sunbathe on this beach in the past, which is where the name of the beach “Li Femini” comes from (“women” in Gallurese).

La Marinedda beach – Isola Rossa (1 km)
La Marinedda beach with white sand is hidden in a cove between Isola Rossa and the Li Caneddi headland. It is renowned among surfers from all over the world and an international Surf Contest is held here every year. The beach is open to the public. A small part of the beach is equipped with loungers and sunshades which can be rented. There is a pedalo and canoe rental point here as well as a surf school.

Li Feruli/Li Mindi beach – Isola Rossa (9 km)
10 minutes’ drive by car, follow signs for La Scalitta in the town of Paduledda. You can also get there on foot (about an hour’s walk), a narrow coastal path leads from the main beach in Isola Rossa. We recommend Li Feruli and Li Mindi beach to all those who are looking for peace and quiet and beautiful countryside. There are usually not many people here, even during high season.

Li Tinnari beach – Costa Paradiso (11 km)
A romantic cove with a beautiful pebbled beach hidden among granite crags. A true paradise on earth. It can only be reached by sea or on foot from Monte Tinnari.

Li Cossi beach – Costa Paradiso (19 km)
The natural Li Cossi beach is a true gem with fine white sand, hidden in a cove between red rocks bordered by the emerald sea. The beach is well protected from the wind and you can get to it via a natural path which leads from the car park by the sea at Costa Paradiso. Recommended for all fans of snorkelling.

Cala Sarraina cove (25 km)
Another romantic cove ideal for sunbathing on the red pebbled beach. Stay until sunset. It is well worth it.

Lu Litarroni beach – Aglientu (32 km)
Lu Litarroni beach with white sand dunes is ideal for those who want to spend the whole day by the sea. You can hide from the hot midday sun in the shade of a pine grove. The beach is extremely long and the end is popular among nudists and naturists.

Monti Russu cove – Aglientu (35km)
This beautiful wild cove can be reached via a natural path which leads from Lu Litarroni beach.

Rena Majore beach – Aglientu (41 km)
Rena Majore beach with its fine white sand is located in the location of the same name and is ideal for families with children thanks to its gentle incline into the water. You can hide from the midday sun in the pine grove here.

La Licciola beach – Santa Teresa Gallura (65 km)
This untouched and wild part of Sardinia, hidden among Mediterranean macchia, will provide you with an unforgettable view of some wonderful countryside. The beach is located in Valle dell´Erica and is certainly worth a visit.

Beaches of the La Maddalena archipelago (79 km)
You will without a doubt find the most beautiful beaches and coves in Sardinia with crystal clear water in the Arcipelago della Maddalena National Park. The only two islands which can be reached by car are La Maddalena and Caprera (a ferry goes there every day from Palau port). Other islands and islets are only accessibly by sea.

La Pelosa beach – Stintino (90 km)
The most beautiful beach in northern Sardinia is rightly called the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. Thousands of tourists come here every year to admire the fine white sand and turquoise sea. You certainly won’t be alone here even in May, but La Pelosa is worth a visit even so.